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Silvicultural systems: silviculture
Code: G2404A
Teacher:  Giorgio Vacchiano
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Competences about active gestion of forests, connected production and function, in order to operate both with public administrations and private companies
Acquired skills:  To know caracteristics and evolutive tendencies of forests and their habitat. to determine best form of managing in order of their long term sostenibility. to recognize best function and production of every type of forest. To know elements about local and italian laws. To know species, populations and types of the alps forests.
Course contents:  Caracteristics and management of the different type of alps forests. elements of wood cutting and wood tecnology. forest botanic. forest legislation, forest zoology, elements of forest's role about de carbonization policies
• Definition of woodland and forest, according to geographers, ISTAT, FAO, National Forestry Inventory, Law 227/2001, Lombardy Regional Law 31/2008;
• Forests in Lombardy
• Production and functions of the forest;
• Forests in the world and in Italy.
• Shape, trunk, foliage distribution;
• Management models;
• Roots;
• Plant growth and development;
• Temperament;
• Forest climate;
• Italian and forest succession and landscapes;
• The Lauretum, the Castanetum, the Fagetum, the Picetum, the Alpinetum;
• Phytoclimatic zones according to Pavari; Schmid’s classification;
• History of forestry;
• Structural types, composition
• Humus, mull, moder, mor;
• Natural regeneration
• Forms: high forest and coppice
• COPPICING Suckers and coppicing;
• The treatment of coppices
• Coppicing production;
• The reconstitution of degraded coppice;
• Conversion: intensive, direct and indirect method; TIMBER FORESTS , EVEN-AGED AND UNEVEN-AGED
• Even aged timber, trunk volumes: Intermediary treatment;
• Increases
•: clearcutting, subsequent cuts;
• Uneven aged forest
• The calculation of the normal curve
• Uneven aged forest treatment.

• Choice of trees in tall forest
• Choice of trees in coppices.

• RD 3267/1923, Regional Law 31/2008, Regional Regulation 5/2007;

• Silver Fir
• European Spruce
• Larch
• Scots pine,
• European black pine
• Swiss pine;
• Beech
• Chestnut
• Oaks
• Hornbeams
• Birch;
• The alders
• Maples
• Limetree
• Ashes
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Basic competences about general and organic chemistry, biology, ecology, botany
Learning materials:  Power point with all the information about the lesson of the course, available at the university office in Edolo

"Selvicoltura generale" Mario Capelli Ed. Edagricole
Selvicoltura Generale. Boschi, Società e tecniche colturali" Piussi Alberti, Ed. Compagnia delle Foreste
Other info:  Oral final examination. presentation during the examination of a forestal herbarium is suggested.

teacher mail paolo_baccolo@regione.lombardia.it
Program of Silvicultural systems: silviculture (pdf version)
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