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Environmental impact analysis of agricultural production processes
Code: G000V-
Teacher:  Jacopo Bacenetti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Evaluating, using the most updated methodologies, the
environmental impact related to agricultural, agri-food and agro-
energy systems characterizing the Italian agricultural production.
Acquired skills:  The student will acquire knowledge and expertise concerning: i)
most widespread assessment methodologies for environmental
impact evaluation; ii) factors affecting the environmental impact
of the most important Italian agro-food systems; iii) mitigation
Course contents:  Definition of “sustainability” and its meaning for agro-food and
agro-energy production systems
Description of the most updated methods for environmental
impact assessment: (i) energy indicators, (ii) Life Cycle
Case studies of the main Italian agricultural processes

For more information: http://aiafa.ariel.ctu.unimi.it/v3/Home/
Program:  1 – Environmental sustainability: definition, different aspects of
sustainability, Why to measure the sustainability? Issues and
challenges of sustainability assessment
2 – Indicator of energetic performance: applicability and limits,
the indexes EROEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) and
CED (Cumulative Energy Demand);
3 Life Cycle Assessment. The holistic approach of life cycle: plus
and minus, Why and when to apply LCA. The 4 steps of LCA:
GOAL AND SCOPE DEFINITION. Functional unit: definition,
significance, applicative examples; System boundary: background,
foreground and core processes, allocation
LIFE CYCLE INVENTORY. Inventory data collection: primary data
(directly collected and measured) secondary data (databases and
modelling of the main emissions sources of agricultural activities);
LCIA. Conversion of inventory data in environmental impact,
selection of the impact categories, characterization and
normalisation, sensitivity analysis; DATA INTERPRETATION:
identification of environmental key-process for impact mitigation.
4 – Case studies and applicative examples of environmental
impact assessment of: i) Cereal cultivation (maize and rice); ii)
field operations; iii) dairy process (milk and cheese production),
iv) beef production v) renewable energy production from biomass
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of the main agro-food systems.
Preparatory instructions:  N/A
Learning materials:  Slides provided by the two teachers

For more info:
Notarnicola, B., Salomone, R., Petti, L., Renzulli, P. A., Roma,
R., & Cerutti, A. K. (2015). Life cycle assessment in the agri-food
sector: Case Studies, Methodological Issues and Best Practices,
Springer Publishing.
Other info:  Oral + exercise with software for LCA study
Program of Environmental impact analysis of agricultural production processes (pdf version)
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