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Constructing landscape - green structural elements and building methods
Code: G000M-
Teacher:  Laura Gatti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 0,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  Constructing contemporary landscapes requires specific skills and innovative solutions to achieve sustainability goals and improve functions and benefits of green areas in the urban environment. Skills and innovative solutions are needed to turn a project idea into a constructed reality.
The basis for the enduring success of a constructed green area is therefore a respect for the properties of the materials used, as well as construction methods suitable for materials and functions. The course gives a basic overview of materials, construction methods, and vegetation techniques used in urban-context planning.
Acquired skills:  Soil components, properties, classification. Soil protection. Grade and quality criteria of plantings. Groups plantings by use. Lawns and other seeded areas. Ground modeling and earthworks. Planting technique and care of vegetation surfaces. Laying out and care of lawns and meadows. Surface drainage. Vertical planting. Green roofs.
Course contents: 
Program:  The first part outlines materials used out of doors, presenting their basic properties as well as their qualities; The second describes how and with what elements outdoor complexes are built. Plants as a construction material area a central theme. Characteristic, possibilities for use and quality requirements for different plant groups are considered.
Prerequisites:  Botany, Agronomy, Arboriculture, Plant Fisiology basis
Preparatory instructions:  Bachelor in Agricultural Science
Learning materials:  Testi in italiano:
• Spazi Verdi – Manuale di progettazione e gestione agro-
ambientale P.Lassini, G. Sala, L. Bertin - Edagricole 2014
• Verde pensile in Italia e in Europa – P. Abram Il Verde editoriale
Dispense fornite dal docente
Other info:  Oral exam; case studies developed by the student
Program of Constructing landscape - green structural elements and building methods (pdf version)
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