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Floriculture and turfgrass
Code: G000L-
Teacher:  Livia Martinetti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  The course has the aim to train students that will be able to grow, identify and solve problems related to main floriculture crops. Moreover, the basic knowledges of turfgrass production and placement will be described.
Acquired skills:  Management of ornamental crops in open field and greenhouse. Placement and management of turfgrass.
Course contents:  Types of Italian floriculture production. Flowering planning and prediction. Growing techniques for the floriculture species. Postharvest physiology and technology of cut flowers and foliage. Floriculture nursery and propagation. Potted plant production. Turfgrass: main species, production and management.
Program:  Origin and history of floriculture. Italian floriculture
production. Growing substrates. Soilless culture.
Fertilization management. Irrigation management. Height
control of pot growing plants: growth retardant, DIF, cool-
morning, brushing, impedence, shaking. Postharvest
physiology and technology of cut flowers and potted
plants. Use of plant growth regulators in floriculture.
Floriculture nursery and propagation. Biotechnology
application in floriculture. Botanical description and
cultivation techniques of some important ornamental
species: rosa, gerbera, carnation, gladiolus, azalea,
rhododendron, cyclamen, and a species chosen by the
student. Introduction and economic importance of
turfgrass production. Turfgrass typologies production,
functional, ornamental and recreational. The species and
mix used: botanical description. Growing and
management techniques.
Prerequisites:  Agronomy, Plant physiology and biochemistry
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  - Online documents in Ariel and/or distributed by the teacher.
- Accati E. (1993): Trattato di Floricoltura. Edagricole.
- Croce P., De Luca A., Falcinelli M., Modestini F.S.,
Veronesi F. (2006) - Tappeti Erbosi: cura, gestione e manutenzione delle aree verdi pubbliche e private.
- Bertolini A., Sinigaglia E. (2011): Tappeti erbosi -
Realizzazione, manutenzione, problematiche. Dario
Flaccovio Editore.
Other info:  The oral examination consists in a discussion on the
topics of the program aimed at ascertaining the acquired knowledge.
Program of Floriculture and turfgrass (pdf version)
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