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Code: G000J-
Teacher:  Michele Zannotti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Other: 1
Basic aims:  This course foresees to explain the zootechnical system in
the Alps on the main sheep, goat and cattle breeds
reared, the number of subjects and livestock production.
A particular attention will be paid to the various types of
farming and the different techniques used for grazing. The
course also provides an exit teaching in the area.
Acquired skills:  The main cattle breeds in the Alpine region, indigenous
and cosmopolitan, dairy breeds, and dual production
breeds. The main goat breeds reared in the same
geographical area. The lowland pasture, hills and
mountains, the pasture and the transformation of milk in
Course contents:  Sheep and goat breeds of the Alpine system
Cattle breeds of the Alpine system
The history of pasture
The pasture today
Structures of pasture
Pastures and their management
Products related to the territory
Program:  The mountain system
Farming tradition in the mountains
Sustainable Alpicolture
The pasture and the problems attached
Pasture and cheese making on the Alpe
The structures of the Alpe
Characteristics of autochthonous cattle breeds:
Valdostana Pezzata Nera e Pezzata Rossa
Grigio Alpina
Breeds cosmopolite to twofold attitude:
Bruna Alpina
Pezzata Rossa Italiana
Breeding of small ruminantes:
Sheep breeding: razza Bergamasca
Goat breeding: Bionda dell’Adamello, Camosciata delle
Alpi, Frontalasca, Orobica, Nera di Verzasca e Saanen
Pig breeding in upland areas: maiali neri valtellinesi, razza
Nera Friulana e Bergamasca
Prerequisites:  none
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  Slides of the teacher distributed during the course
Other info:  Oral examination
Program of Alpicolture (pdf version)
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