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Cytogenetic of livestock
Code: G000H-
Teacher:  Pietro Parma
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 2
Practices in laboratory:  2
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to provide knowledge on the
morphology and genetics of chromosomes, available will
be analyzed.the different chromosomal abnormalities and
their consequences in animal production. Furthermore the
main cytogenetics technology currently.
Acquired skills:  Basic knowledge of methodology for the karyological
evaluation of the investigated animals. Ability to handle
abnormal karyological situations in relation to the needs
of the farm. Ability to carry out projects in the field of
genetic counselling and genetic selection.
Course contents:  Mitosis and meiosis
The chromosomes: morphology and structure
The standard karyotype
Chromosomal abnormalities
Consequences of chromosomal abnormalities
Analysis of real cases.
Program:  Chromosomes: DNA and protein. Morphology of
Chromosomes: centromeres. Telomeres, chromosom
arms, Euchromatin, Heterochromatin DNA replication and
chromosome, karyotype. Mitosis, Meiosis. Chromosome
abnormalities: abnormal number and abnormal structure,
chromosomes and sex determination. Effects of anomalies
on the animal selection. cytogenetic techniques: cell
cultures, banding techniques, FISH, array CGH.
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of genetics
Preparatory instructions:  Anatomy, physiology and animal genetics mod.2: animal
Learning materials:  Lecture notes
Other info:  interview
Program of Cytogenetic of livestock (pdf version)
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