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Nutrition in pediatric age
Code: G0002-
Teacher:  Elvira Verduci
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  An adequate nutrition is essential to keep the body in good health, and from the earliest stages of life in order to grow properly and to become a healthy adult. However in the pediatric age some disease may present the treatment of which is based on a nutritional approach whose a correct monitoring is very relevant. The topics will be: nutrition in healthy children and in disease associated with over-nutrition or under-nutrition risk (allergies, celiac disease, obesity and associated diseases , eating disorders).
Acquired skills:  After completing the course the student should know:- the impact of an adequate early nutrition on later healthy and the correct distribution of nutrients in daily diet in childhood- The nutritional treatment of diseases associated with over-nutrition or under-nutrition risk and the adequate monitoring of this intervention- The new topics on nutrition in children.
Course contents:  Principles of nutrition in children
Nutrition in healthy child
Nutritional approach to obese child with or without metabolic abnormalities
Malnutrition in defect in childhood
Nutritional approach in allergy to cow's milk proteins and celiac disease
The eating disorders in children
The vegetarian child
Program:  1) Principles of clinical nutrition in children
The following concepts with reference to the pediatric age will be summarize:
nutrients and their nutritional and functional value; nutritional needs (application of RDAs in children); assessment of nutritional status and body composition in children; nutrition education towards a balanced diet and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

2) Nutrition in children: in physiology and pathology
- Nutritional programming
- Nutrition in the early stages of life and risk of diet-induced diseases in the future.
-The Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
- Breastfeeding: benefits in the short and long term
- Key diet-related diseases in children: obesity, Type 2 diabetes, lipid disorders: epidemiology, pathogenesis due to nutritional factors, complications.
-Non- alcoholic fatty liver disease: epidemiology and pathophysiology
-The Metabolic syndrome in children: identification of critical periods to set preventive strategies
-Treatment of obesity in children
- Psychological and behavioral aspects of the obese patient.
- Eating disorders
-Nutritional approach in allergy to cow's milk proteins and celiac disease.
-The malnutrition in defect in children: epidemiology and nutritional assessment tools

3) Nutrition in children: new topics
- Concepts of nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and epigenetic
--Functional Food
- Omega 3 in the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases and diet-related
- Microbiome and obesity-metabolic syndrome: linkage and modulation through probiotics
-The Mediterranean diet today: lights and shadows
- Vegetarian diets
- Food safety
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  slides
Other info:  written examination in the form of quiz
Program of Nutrition in pediatric age (pdf version)
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