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Low environmental impact structures and installations
Code: G-028-
Teacher:  Giorgio Mario Provolo
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course aims to train the student to the planning and design of structures and plants to support agricultural activity in the framework of environmental sustainability, complying with environmental legislation and considering the technical and economic feasibility.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of environmental laws related to agricultural activity. Selection principle of best available techniques to reduce environmental impact of agricultural activity. Knowledge of decision support systems to define the Integrated Environmental Management Systems.
Course contents:  Requirements and environmental performances of rural structures and installations. Principles of environmental analysis and application methodology for farm structures and installations. Design criteria of the solutions for emission reduction in farms. Technical and economic evaluation of the solution and criteria for the selection of different alternatives. Methods for the implementation of Integrated Environmental Management systems in agriculture.
Program:  Rural structures and plant: requirements and environmental suitability in the framework of the legislation in force. Analysis of the requirements of the laws and voluntary standards related to integrated environmental management. Environmental management systems. Principle of environmental analysis and their application to the structure and equipment used in agricultural activity. Best available Techniques. Definition and selection of best available techniques for the reduction of the impact of agricultural activity with special reference to livestock farms. Integrated Environmental assessment.
Prerequisites:  knowledge or rural structures
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  documents and papers available on the website ariel.unimi.it and delivered during the lessons
Other info:  The assessment of knowledge includes a final written exam ination on the environmental impact of livestock and mitigation techniques. The test consists in solving application exercises of the same type as those carried out in class and reported on the course website and in answering to questions on the subject. The assessment is completed by an oral test which consists in the discussion of the written tests and verification of the knowledge of the course topics.
Program of Low environmental impact structures and installations (pdf version)
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