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Code: G-020-
Teacher:  Daniela Lupi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 0,25
Other: 0,75
Basic aims:  Morphology, anatomy and biology of the honey bee.Bee
ethology. Beekeeping, law and bee pathology. Ethology
and use of wild and rearing apoidaea pollinators.
Acquired skills:  Management of beekeeping and hive production
Course contents:  Sistematics of Apoidaea. Plants and Bee species and
races. Morphology, anatomy and physiology biology of the
honey bee. Mating, egg laying, parthenogenesis.
Development and stages. Sex and cast determination.
Bee ethology. Bees society. The colony life. Swarming.
Workers activity. Language of bee communication and
orientation. Regulation of hive temperature. Management
for rearing and honey prodution. Equipment, flowering,
law- beekeepers associations- Bee production, diseases
and enemies of the honey bee.
Program:  Systematic of Apoidea. Relation between plants and Apoidea. Species belongs to Apis genera, as Apis mellifera and others. Bee morphology, anatomy and physiology. Mating and reproduction; amphygony and partenogenesis. Preimmaginal development. Sex determination in insect. Social insects and castae: bees society. Annual cycle. Pathologies: Pests: Galleria mellonella and Achroia grisella, Braula coeca, Acarapis woodi; Varroa destructor: Bombus spp., biological cycle, ethology. ciclo, etologia ed impiego.
Prerequisites:  Applied Entomology
Preparatory instructions:  Applied Entomology (suggested)
Learning materials:  A. Contessi - Le api, Edagricole, Bologna, 2004. for the morfology, anatomy and fisiology see: E. Tremblay - Entomologia applicata, vol.1 - Ed. Liguori, Napoli.
Other info:  Oral examination.
Program of beekeeping (pdf version)
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