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Quality of fish products
Code: G-01W-
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To give information and methodologies related to the utilization of fish and fish products for the human feeding.
Acquired skills:  To evaluate the qualitative characteristics of fresh treated fish.
Course contents:  Information about the physiology and classification of fish species. Information about the updated technologies utilized for all fish products, particularly to the products that are utilized in food service.
Program:  1) Physiology and fish classification 2) Nutritional quality of fish products 3) Technological, igyenic and organoleptic quality 4) Preserved and semipreserved fish and fish products 5) Case study 6) Gastronomy application to fish products 7) Trip to fish market or fish farm 8) Laboratory activity on fish processing
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge on biology and nutrional sciences
Preparatory instructions:  not necessary
Learning materials:  power point and pdf from teachers
Other info:  Info not available
Program of Quality of fish products (pdf version)
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