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Quality of fish products
Code: G-01W-
Teacher:  Marcello Italo Della Campa
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To give information and methodologies related to the utilization of
fish and fish products for the human feeding.
Acquired skills:  To evaluate the qualitative characteristics of fresh treated fish.
Course contents:  Summary of the program
References to the physiology and classification of the main fish
species currently marketed, with particular reference to those that
reach the collective catering circuit
The main markets and the frontier markets
analysis of the FAO document "State of World Fisheries and
Aquaculture 2016"
Analysis of the quality of fish products through three different
approaches: technological hygiene and sensory, with insights on
the theoretical part of the different techniques used
Examples / analysis of production chains
Program:  Program
Part 1
Classification of species and physiology
Aquatic organisms of alimentary interest
Body organization: basic organs and elements of elementary
Small physiology: breathing, feeding, osmoregulation
Details of life: evolutionary adaptations, social life, camouflage.
The essential on the aquatic environment

Classification of species and physiology
The importance of linneian systematics
Merceology, safety, quality
Identification systems of species of practical and immediate use
Introduction to updated Italian and Community legislation on
fishing, processing and administration of fish products

Part 2: The three qualities
Technological Quality
Fishing systems: analysis and classification of some of the most
Influence of fishing systems on the quality of the catch
Examples of DOP and PGI fish products
Elements of organic aquaculture and sustainable mariculture
Technique of cold
Recall of the concepts of refrigeration and refrigeration cycle
Chemical-physical differences and qualitative consequences
between freezing and deep freezing
Plant types and application examples (on the ground and on
Preservation / alteration of frozen products

Links between processing and final product quality
Preliminary processing operations
Examples of some of the main industrial processes: processing
and product quality
The different forms of presentation of products on the industrial
market: characteristics of production, processing and evaluation of
semi-finished products
Case studies of particular interest for reasons of food safety
Specification of finished product

Hygienic quality
Overview of food hygiene and microbiology
Good manufacturing practices
Hygienic quality of fish products
Regulations of the fish products supply chain and analysis of the
norms referring to particular important species

Sensory quality
Evaluation of the sensory quality of fish products
Parasitosis and professional diseases
Comparison of quality indices (sensory and biochemical)

Part 3: Fish markets

Main markets:
organization of a fish market
The most common methods of presenting the marketed species
Vision and commentary of photographic files of the fish markets
of: Milan, Chioggia (VE), Porto Palo (SR), Tokyo, Sidney,

Specific markets:
- Vision and commentary of photo files of a border crossing
Analytical approach to the SOFIA report (State of World Fisheries
and Aquaculture), published by FAO
Definition of the fishing areas of the world
The concept of "stock" and "overfishing"

Lesson on the nutritional characteristics of fish products
By Prof. Ciappellano
Lesson of Elements of Aquaculture
By Prof. Toschi

Educational trips:
Depending on availability:
Esselunga firm fish product platform or aquaculture / processing
Fish market of Milan
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge on biology and nutrional sciences
Preparatory instructions:  not necessary
Learning materials:  power point and pdf from teachers
Other info:  Examination procedure
A mandatory assessment test, which does not block access to the
final exam
Creation of a group project.
The final assessment includes both the evaluation of the group
project and the exposure of the work in a seminar organized
within the course.
Program of Quality of fish products (pdf version)
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