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Technical upgrading of the rural system
Code: G-01T-
Teacher:  Paolo Lassini
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  Info not available
Acquired skills:  Info not available
Course contents:  A.A. 2017-2018, II semester, beginning 27 February, 10.30 am in classroom 110
From agriculture to rural development.
The rural system
Ecosystem, agroecosystem, forest ecosystem.
The extensive green infrastructures and systems: their multi-functionality and ecosystem services.
The Course will draw the general lines for the design of green systems aimed at the redevelopment of companies and agricultural land.
The Course will examine the intervention techniques that can be used and their application in various cases: woods, hedges, rows, springs, wetlands, irrigation channels, minor reticulum.
A design scheme is described with the normative references and the various incentives available.
Also through two on-site visits are examined two major projects to enhance individual farms or rural areas already implemented and being implemented by private entrepreneurs and agencies in the Milan area.
Program:  Course contents
I part: before designing
Part II: design, construction and maintenance
Part III: case studies
IV Bibliography
There will be two educational outings with visits to 2 innovative agro environmental companies in Milan. The computer text for the preparation of the exam will be sent after each lesson and or at the end of the course with a request to plassini@libero.it
Reference text:
P.Lassini, G.Sala, L. Bertin, 2014, Green spaces,
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of botany and agronomy
Preparatory instructions:  Zero
Learning materials:  The text for the exam will be made available in electronic
form for each lesson to those who require it via email.

Other info:  Examination: The examination consists of an oral test to
verify the preparation of the student on the program
carried out and in particular to determine the knowledge
and the assimilation of the specific techniques of
agroforestry upgrading of the rural system, consisting in
the formation and management of green systems linear
and forest ecosystems.
Program of Technical upgrading of the rural system (pdf version)
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