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Packaging for foodservice
Code: G-01M-
Teacher:  Sara Limbo
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in laboratory:  1
Basic aims:  The course aims to train professionals in the Foodservice Area
with capabilities in Food Packaging. It provides information and
tools to help the Professionals in making choices related to the
Packaging materials and technologies useful to maintain quality
and assure safety of foodstuffs in the Foodservice Industry.
Acquired skills:  The course provides a set of tools to help the Professionals test
and evaluate the performances of a primary packaging solution.
In particular, the final skills concern: -knowledge about the
packaging functions and properties; -ability in carrying out
physical and chemical testing on food packaging materials; -
ability in selecting the right packaging solution on the basis of the
food properties and the food requirements in terms of storage.
Course contents:  - Food Packaging functions
- Compliance of a packaging material to italian and european
-Chemical and physical performances of a food packaging
- Environmental impacts and sustainability of food packaging
- Packaging technologies for food storage (MAP, active
-Shelf life of packaged foods
Program:  -Packaging Functions
-The properties of packaging materials: mechanical, diffusional,
optical and thermal properties
-The materials used for primary packaging solutions: glass, paper,
plastics and composites, aluminum. Properties and packaging
-The safety of food packaging materials: migration phenomena
and compliance to italian and european legislation
-Packaging technologies for the storage of foods: MAP, active
packaging, under vacuum, intelligent packaging etc
-Shelf life evaluation of packaged foods.
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  Book:Piergiovanni, L., Limbo, S. 2010. Food packaging. Springer
Personal Class Notes
Power point presentations (available on Ariel)
Other info:  Oral exam, based on class contents and group work shared with
the teacher during the course.
Program of Packaging for foodservice (pdf version)
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