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Food Law
Code: G-00Z-
Teacher:  Andrea Vitale
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  Acquisition of the fundamental rules of the Italian and European food laws.
Acquired skills:  The students will acquire the methodology of search of the normative sources in the food sector and they will be able to use such methodology, both within the alimentary inspections, both in the predisposition of the operational manuals for the system HACCP and for the certification of quality.
Course contents:  1) The sources of the food laws (1 CFU) 2) the "repressive" and "preventive" legislation (2CFU) 3) The obligatory controls and the official control authorities (0,5 CFUs) 4) food crimes (0,5 CFUs) subject
Program:  The sources of food law, the constitution and the evolution of the concept of the health right, the social and economic frame of the Italian and European food legislation. The "repressive" and the "preventive" legislation. The penal code, the law 283/62, the control procedures with particular respect to the examination of the Dlgs 155/97 and to the examination of the Dlgs 507/99. Brief examination of the consumers rights and in particularly the Class Action. The obligatory preventive systems of control of the foods, the HACCP procedure supported by the examination and by the comment of an extract of a control manual and by the examination of a delegation of business responsibility. The optional systems of control and certification, the ISO 22000. The obligatory controls and the control authorities. The object of the inspection in the food sector, the formalities, the requisite of the places and the equipments used, the hygiene of the personnel and the procedures of cleaning. The collecting and the analysis of the samples, the prescription in the activity of vigilance.
The food crimes by the penal code. Examination of the law principles and application of the same with reference to the "preventive" law.
Prerequisites:  None
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  BOOK: ANDREA VITALE, Manuale di legislazione alimentare, Prefazione di Dario Casati, Franco Angeli Editore, third Edition.
Other info:  During the lessons, are organized meetings with directive and managerial figures of the principal Italian and multinationals food and catering companies.
Program of Food Law (pdf version)
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