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Sanitation in food processing
Code: G-00G-
Teacher:  Fabio Masotti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  The main aim of the course is to enable the student to
know principles of food plant sanitation and to plan
sanitation programs.
Acquired skills:  The student must be able to apply a range of skills to
insure food safety.
Course contents:  Importance of sanitation. Personal hygiene and
food handling. Building design and construction. Food
hygienic design. Water in food processing. Cleaning
sanitizing agents. Sanitizing procedures. Evaluation of
sanitation effectiveness. Liquid waste disposal.
Program:  Importance of sanitation. Definition and application.
Food contaminations sources and precautions against
contamination. Personal hygiene and sanitary food
handling. Worker safety. Buildings: design and
construction. Plant layout. Food plant hygienic design.
Materials and finish. Equipment services. Foreign
material control. Air: nature and sources of
contamination. Control of airborne contamination.
Clean rooms. Water in food processing. Sources and
properties. Water purification treatments. Water
hardness. Water utilization for cleaning.
Soil characteristics. Microorganism biofilm. Cleaning
and sanitizing agents. Regulation on biocidal products.
Handling and storage precautions. Factors affecting
cleaning and sanitizing efficiency. Sanitizing
Cleaning and sanitizing equipment (foam cleaning,
Cleaning-in-Place, etc.). Evaluation of sanitation
effectiveness. Sanitation standards. Detergent and
disinfectant residues.
Prerequisites:  Preferably the student has to know microbiology.
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  Lecture notes available on Ariel platform.
Suggested bibliography: Marriott N.G., Gravani R.B.
Sanificazione nell'industria alimentare. Springer Verlag
Italia, Milano (Italy), 2008.
Other info:  The course includes seminars by external specialists.
Oral examination.
Program of Sanitation in food processing (pdf version)
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