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Nutritional evaluation of foods
Code: G-007-
Teacher:  Maria Cristina Casiraghi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  The course will provide the evaluation of food quality in the definition optimal dietary regimens aimed to healthy subjects.
Acquired skills:  - Food group and nutrient distribution – evaluation of the nutritional quality of foods based on coded quality indices – Evaluation of nutrient modification during technological processing
Course contents:  -Food groups: nutritional and functional characteristics -Effect of food processing on the nutritional quality of foods -Indices of Foods' nutritional quality. Novel and Functional Foods. Reg EU 1924/2006
Program:  -Food group and characteristics: - milk and dairies, eggs, meat and meat products, fish and fish products, pulses. - Cereals and cereal products - Vegetable oils, olive oil and animal fat - Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages -Protein quality evaluation -Glycemic index -Effects of technological and domestic processing on nutritional quality of foods -Non conventional foods -Functional foods -Nutritional labelling- Health and Nutritional claims(reg. CE 924/2006)
Prerequisites:  Adequate knowledge of the principles of human nutrition
Preparatory instructions:  not established
Learning materials:  -Class notes, slides and research works provided by the teacher (ARIEL) -Alimentazione e Nutrizione Umana - sez. terza: Alimenti, caratteristiche nutrizionali, analisi, controllo - F. Fidanza – G. Gnocchi Editore (1996) - Chimica degli alimenti - P. Cabras
Other info:  oral examination by appointment
Program of Nutritional evaluation of foods (pdf version)
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