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Equal opportunities and scientific careers
Code: G-004-
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  The course aims at promoting a culture of 'gender equality'
through a conceptual “toolkit” and examples of useful practices on
one side, so to better understand the challenges arisen from the
fulfilment of equal opportunities for all, and on the other side, to
highlight the important role played by the introduction of the
category “Gender” in the fields of scientific careers both in the
academia and the organisations. The course is mainly addressed
to students, teachers, Ph.D. candidates and researchers, and
points at offering a multidisciplinary path in the field of Equal
Opportunities and Gender Studies.
Acquired skills:  Participants will acquire a basic theoretical knowledge on some
useful key concepts which enable a better understanding of
Policies on Equal Opportunies for all and a number of sociological
and legal aspects concerning discrimination and equal treatment.
The course will provide participants with tools to understand the
main data available within the most recent international research
on the issue of conciliation and career paths in the scientific
faculties, non traditional-jobs and male-dominated organisations.
Course contents:  The course lasts 24 hours and grants the recognition of 3 c.f.u.
(university credits). The course is a training insight into three
main thematic areas: basic issues and notions; men and women
at work: careers, conciliation and welfare policies; gender and
academia: research, academic disciplines and professions in the
scientific area. It is possible to request an additional credit with an
additional exam.
Program:  Optional Course
“Equal Opportunities and Scientific Careers”

The course mainly addresses students of the Faculty of
Agricultural and Food Sciences but is open also to students of
the other UMIL’s Faculties. It aims to provide participants
with multidisciplinary insights, conceptual tools and
examples of good practices in the field of equal
opportunities and gender studies, with a particular focus on
gender relations, ‘gendered’ contents and career paths in
Science. The 24 hours course grants the recognition of 3
credits. The recognition of an additional credit can be granted
by agreement with the Responsible of the Course.

Program of the course:

1) Women and Science: an Introduction

2) Gender, University and Research: Inequalities and
Asymmetries in Career Paths

3) From the Women’s Movement to Equal Opportunities for

4) Women and men in the labour market

5) Welfare models and Policies of Work-life Balance in

6) Gendered Organisations and Vertical Segregation in
Scientific Careers

7) Career Paths: Hiring and Evaluation in the Scientific Field

8) Anti-discrimination Legal Frameworks and Provisions

9) “Too Pretty to Get to Get the Nobel Prize?”: Rosalind
Franklin and Marie Curie

10) The Saint Matthew and Matilda Effects in Science

11) “STEM: Future Careers”

12) Students’ Presentations and Final Discussion

The course starts on the th of March and ends on the
6 th of June 2018. Lessons take place on Wednesdays from
16.30 to 18.30 p.m at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food
Sciences (Room C5 Via Mangiagalli 25).

For further information please contact:
Prerequisites:  no prerequisites
Preparatory instructions:  no prerequisites
Learning materials:  Bibliography for english speaking students (See Ariel page):

Camilla Gaiaschi, Premiums and Penalties Among Physicians in
Italy: How Gender Affects the Combined Impact of Marital and
Parental Status on Pay, in "Polis, Ricerche e studi su società e
politica in Italia" 1/2017, pp. 97-126, doi: 10.1424/86081

Valian, V. "Beyond Gender Schemas: Improving the
Advancement of Women in Academia." NWSA Journal, vol. 16
no. 1, 2004, pp. 207-220. Project MUSE,
Other info:  Oral examination
Program of Equal opportunities and scientific careers (pdf version)
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