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Code Course name Teacher BSc/MSc programme
G250YA Oenology 2 - unit 1: Wine technologies and processes Antonio Giovanni Tirelli Viticulture and Enology
G240B- Organic chemistry Gigliola Borgonovo Conservation and sustainable development mountain areas
G260E- Organic Chemistry Leonardo Scaglioni Environmental and land Agritechnology
G280G- Organic Chemistry Maria Cristina Bellucci Agricultural Science and Technology
G2708- Organic Chemistry Leonardo Scaglioni Crop and ornamental green production and protection sciences
G250A- Organic Chemistry Stefania Mazzini Viticulture and Enology
G300A- Organic chemistry Sabrina Dallavalle Food Services Science and Technology
G290I- Organic chemistry Angela Bassoli Food Science and Technology
G000K- Ornamental arboriculture and urban forestry Alessio Fini Faculty of Agriculture - Other
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