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Code Course name Teacher BSc/MSc programme
G290JA Info not available Daniele Cavicchioli Food Science and Technology
G580EA Info not available Maddalena Zucali Agricultural Science
G250YA Info not available Antonio Giovanni Tirelli Viticulture and Enology
G570TA Info not available Guido Sali Agri-environmental Science
G2511- Info not available Ileana Vigentini Viticulture and Enology
G000SB Info not available Daniela Lupi Faculty of Agriculture - Other
K070D- Info not available Giovanni Naldi Environmental and Food Economics
K0704B Info not available Alessandra Micheletti Environmental and Food Economics
G581V- Info not available Simon Pierce Faculty of Agriculture - Other
K050NC Info not available Roberto Carmine Foschino Food Science and Human Nutrition
G280K- Informatics Luca Andrea Ludovico Agricultural Science and Technology
G270R- Informatics Luca Andrea Ludovico Crop and ornamental green production and protection sciences
G2501- Informatics Luca Andrea Ludovico Viticulture and Enology
G300I- Informatics Giorgio Presti Food Services Science and Technology
G610F- Insect biotechnology Ivo Ercole Rigamonti Plant, Food and Agri-environmental Biotechnologies
G581I- Integrated design and re-use of rural buildings Stella Agostini Agricultural Science
G581F- International agrifood markets and policy Alessandro Olper Agricultural Science
G0008- International Agrifood Markets and Policy Alessandro Olper Faculty of Agriculture - Other
G581G- International cooperation and crop-livestock systems Gianni Matteo Crovetto Agricultural Science
G300B- Introductory economics and statistics Valentina Raimondi Food Services Science and Technology
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